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My fabulous passers

I don´t pay for reviews and not everyone wants to have their photo taken and put on online but here are some photos and comments from just some of the learners who have passed their driving test with KSM.

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I know I had very had habits but KISH´s persistency paid off. Thanks a lot, your a star, a very good instructor indeed.

I only wanted to drive a BMW, wasn´t interested in manual, automatic driving was for me. I was luck to find an excellent instructor, taught with brilliant, empowering approach, she´s put another safe driving for life driver on the road. Thank...

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Thank you KISH for being a great instructor, patient, flexible and accommodating. You believed in me even when I doubted myself. Thank you😊🤗

Hi Kish, thank you for all your patience, perseverance, and dedication in helping me pass my test. So glad I´ve done you proud! I promise I´ll keep POMing!! Lots of love, from Emma x

Hey Kish,

just wanted to drop a cross a huge thank you for all your help over the past months! Your are an amazing teacher who has been both patient and insightful throughout my time as a student! You really are one in a million and I don´t...

Kish is a great instructor tailoring her teaching to your needs, getting the most out of each lesson . Very punctual and reliable . Passed with 3 minors , would definitely recommend.

Thanks Kish

I passed my test after being disqualified for 2 and half years in 2014. My superb instructor Kish has put all her hard work and time in getting all the bad habits out of me as you could imagine, if it wasn´t for Kish then I´d still be off road...

Congratulations to Such for passing his automatic test first time and two months later passed his Manual first time.

Congratulations to Norbet on passing his practical driving test first time with only three minor faults.

Would have passed first time but for a silly mistake.

Enjoyed very minute being with Kish. She made everything feel so easy to learn.

Always had a geat laugh.

Thanks Kish.

My father taught m to driver but I had all the bad habits you can name. Kish brought down to earth with firm discipline but with patient and very friendly mannerism.

Passed first time with one miner mistake even the examiner said what a lovely driver I was all thanks o my greatest instructor Kish. She is a great teacher, I would recommend her greatly.

Come from America, was very frightened to drive in this country. Kish brought me down to earth, built up my confidence. Learnt to recognise the roads, road signs and marking etc. Passed my test first time.Enjoyed learning with her. Thank you very much...

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I loved to be taught by KISH, from KSM. I learned everything I needed to whilst having a good relationship with my instructor who was a joy to work with. I would recommend KSM to any learner who wants an experienced, patient and charismatic tutor.

I am an IT consultant from abroad, learnt to drive in a country with hazardous traffic, I thought I was a very good and safe driver, but after KISH finished teaching me the correct approach to driving safely I realised how dangerous my driving had been....

It just feels so so great, so wonderful, you never tired of talking me through, prompting me, what a memory I had and the bad habits but you were always so calm and understanding. You really are the Best instructor and I'm telling the world.

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