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Why choose an automatic over a manual?

There are some very obvious advantages to choosing an automatic car over a manual one but it´s worth considering the pros and cons of both before deciding which is the best for you.

Automatic car

Ok, let´s not beat around the bush, automatics are MUCH EASIER to drive! You don´t need to understand and learn ´clutch control´, ´Hill starts´ are of very little consequence and there is no having to worry about what gear you should be. When you should be changing up and down the gears is taken care of by the car so there is no worries about having to coordinate your feet to get the right balance of clutch and throttle. All this can greatly reduce the number of lessons you will need to pass.

GREAT ! So an automatic would be the obvious choice, right?

Manual car

Well it would seem a straight forward enough decision but that really depends on whether you are happy being restricted to driving an automatic. You see, when you pass your manual driving test, you can then drive any car, manual OR automatic. When you pass your automatic driving test, you are only qualified to drive automatic cars.

Whether you will ever want, or need to drive a manual is obviously governed by your situation. You may get a job that requires you to drive a manual car or van in which case you would not be able. You may have the need to drive a car belonging to a friend or family member and again, if it´s a manual, you would be able to do so.

You may also find that your choice of cars is more restricted although this is definitely improving.
Thank you KISH for being a great instructor, patient, flexible and accommodating. You believed in me even when I doubted myself. Thank you😊🤗

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